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Kettletown State Park Challenge –  Saturday May 20, 2017


Distance choices:

10k, 20k, 30k and 50k follows the 10k loop.
2x for the 20k, 3x for the 10k, 5x for the 50k

On  trails near Lake Zoar and Housatonic River on border of Newtown and Oxford, CT.

race starts at 9:00 AM

race day registration ends one hour before race. ($15 more than advance online registration)


Huntington SP FBeventpage

Huntington State Park Challenge

Race not scheduled here this year.

We are pursuing other possible venues to replace Hunting State Park on our race calendar this year

Although we loved the venue and the trails here in Redding, CT and it was one of our first routes with the YES ENDURANCE SERIES (predecessor to Trail 2 Trail) we have elected to eliminate it from our schedule due to persistent and malicious course tampering two years in a row on race day. This adversely affected the enjoyment and experience of of some our participants who were confused by stolen or moved course markers.

We are on the trail for more interesting and challenging trail alternatives.


Pomperaug Trail Challenge – Sunday, Sept 18

10 Mile Challenge before our last race of the year in October.


Distance choices: 10 Mile

race day registration starts at 8:00 AM ($15 more than advance online registration)



Chatfield Hollow SP FBventpage 

Chatfield Hollow Trail Challenge – Sunday – October 16, 2016. 


Distance choices: 5k/10k/20k/30k

20k and 30k follows the 10k loop,

2x for the 20k, 3x for the 30k

There is no 50k for this race venue

race day registration starts at 8:00 AM ($15 more than advance online registration)



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