Having the right kind of bike is not the only thing when it comes to trail racing. There are many more things that you require in order to stay safe during such a dangerous activity. These also include safety gear and equipments that you must have before participating in any of the races. No matter what the length of the race is you still need these equipments. Here is a list of all the basic items that you would need to purchase before hand if you are interested in mountain trail biking.

  • Helmets


    Helmets are one of the most important accessories that you should have always. They help you protect your head from severe injury in case you fall during the race.
  • Cycling Clothes

    Cycling Clothes

    Another important thing is cycling clothes these can include gloves, shorts, t-shirts, jackets, etc. Making sure that you are covered the entire time helps you focus solely on the race and not on insect bites.
  • Lights


    Some races can even be prolonged till late in the evening which is why having a bike light is essential. This can prove to be a saving grace during the night time.
  • Locks


    No one wants their expensive bikes to it gets stolen or misplaced. In order to protect them locks are one of the most simple things that you should always have in your trail kit.
  • Air Pumps

    Air Pumps

    No matter how expensive your bike might be there is always a chance for a flat tire which is why you should always keep a air pump handy in case of an emergency.
  • Cycling Shoes

    Cycling Shoes

    Another thing that can prove to be critical when it comes to completing a race successfully are your shoes. Make sure that you have a comfortable pair as endurance trail biking can go on for a long period.
  • Water Bottles

    Water Bottles

    Last but surely not the least, another equipment or accessory that you should always carry is a water bottle. It is not possible to go on a 15 mile ride without some water handy.
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