Mountain biking

Mountain biking also known as trail biking has become more aggressive and competitive over the years. With its popularity growing leaps and bounds there are new series invented every year to keep participants interested and motivated. However it is not always easy to opt for the most rigorous trail biking sessions. That is why there has been a creation of endurance trail biking series which comprises of a number of small areas to cover over a larger lap. The meaning of endurance over here is testing an individual's capability to push his body to the limits with such kind of trails.

After understanding the demand of endurance trail biking we have created our own series so to give locals a professional experience. The series consists of five sections that go through one of the most beautiful biking trails that the city has to offer. It is a 15 mile loop which features almost 1000 feet elevation with every lap. During the course you reach at an amazing height of 5000 feet through a single dirt track. From this point of the series you again take a turn which leaves you in a counterclockwise direction making you reach the finishing line.

mountain biking

For those of you who want to get a better idea of the trail route here is a map that we have created for you.

The race has been designed in such a way that it can be participated in by everyone. We usually have different beginning times for professionals, rookies, as well as kids. This adds an additional layer of safety especially for kids and first time bikers. It also makes sure that the race is not too crowded in order to avoid injuries or accidents. Apart from this the registration for the race is also don online so that it adds convenience. We also organised group pickups for the participants so that they can be taken to the starting point safely as it is situated at an height.

If in case this is your first ever race and you are looking to know more about what all you might need for finishing it successfully then this website can definitely help you. Make sure to go through all the sections available to increase your knowledge about endurance trail biking sessions.